Raspberry Pi KidKomputer

SmartiePiFirst Computer for 4-6 Year Old

Original:  30 January 2023
Last Update:  30 April 2023 

Background & Capabilities


In Process ....

The goal here was to  build an educational, 'First Computer' for the grandkids.  This one targets age range of 4 to 10ish, with a complete starter system - keyboard, monitor/sound, mouse and a safe operating environment that will introduce personal computer via educational software/apps.  

Basically a step up for our grandkids from the good old CutiePi musicbox.  SmartiePi will run as stand-alone system or as CutiePi upgrade w/ addition of monitor & keyboard/mouse.  

As always ... recipes are basically notes that I use for rebuilds and such, but may be useful to others.  

Level of Difficulty & Prep Time

Approx an hour or so to set up.

Relatively simple setup.  No programming but some configuration file editing and Linux terminal interactions.  Familiarity with RaspOS or Linux would be handy.


Built using mostly spare parts ... except for Pink Mouse/Keyboard

*Note:  Affiliate Links, I may get kickback from Amazon if you click/buy!


Raspberry Pi OS - Standard, 32-bit download is fine

GCompris Educational Software 

Scratch Programming Environment for Kids

<More as I stumble upon kid-friendly software>

Step By Step


Important Note!  Alacarte is a HANDY COMMAND!  It is the RaspOS GUI Main Menu Editor!   Select Run menu option and enter "alacart" to Edit Menu 


Touch-ups & Tweaks

(April 2023 Work in process)

DOS Box for some good old Kid Games 

From unrestricted (superuser) account

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

sudo apt install dosbox

Install into dosbox directory.  Typically unzipping, restore directory structure so you can host multiple games

[Desktop Entry]

Name=Word Rescue

Comment=Play Word Rescue using DOSBox

Exec=sh -c "cd /home/xxxx/Public/dosbox/WordResc && dosbox onerun.bat"