Raspberry Pi

Yet ANOTHER work in process ....

This area of the site will likely be a chronic work-in-process as I attempt to assemble Raspberry Pi computer links, projects, harebrainers, procedures and/or experiences. The plan is to cleanup and move relevant Raspberry Pi information from TPedesen Ventures site. Again, most of this is simply reference/minders for myself, but possibly useful to others. Active project and research may be BOLDed, so I can quickly find sections that I'm using or working on.


    • Pi Recipes: A collection of Raspberry Pi projects & deployments. RPi's used around our house and family for a variety of purposes.

    • Pi Pieces: A running list of Raspberry Pi component purchases - 2014-Present. Notes on usage, successes and failures.

    • Pi in the Sky: Random collection of Raspberry Pi notes, tweaks, links, research, and related RPi fumblings.

Original Raspberry Pi Research/Bookmark Collection