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Simply a work area and/or catch-all for miscellaneous Raspberry Pi tips, tricks, tools, tweaks, research or harebrainers - most-likely a mess, but possibly useful to others. Initially weeding through remaining Raspberry Pi info @ ventures.tpedersen.net/errata/raspberrypi to salvage potentially useful info.


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Harebrainers (potential recipes)


(Ongoing or Solved Issues/Oddities)

RPI 4 No HDMI Output

Oct 2021: First RPI Hardware issue?! SmartiePi RPI4 board from June 2021 has lost ability to emit HDMI signal. Runs fine if I SSH into it, but cannot get HDMI output to save my life! Pi has been used headless for past 6 months or so. When reconnected to HDMI there is NO signal/output.

22 October: FIXED! It was the damn CASE! NO hdmi cable or adapter would work (and I tested a quite a few!). Finally removed the case and POOF! The cable clicked in a nano farther and it came right up! VERY bizarre, RPI 4B was mounted in that case the day it arrived, worked fine right out of the box! I can also see the case is no longer available on Amazon.

Others w/ similar issues


(Stuff I should remember)

Check for Installable or Installed packages

Find a specific package via apt-cache search <package>

List of ALL installed packages (pipe to grep or page thru) via dpkg -l

SSH: Remove offending key when a IP is reused

ssh-keygen -R <ip>

Regular Expression (Regexp) Stuff

Stuff to Research

WiFi Bootstrap - how to config WiFi when Headless & Disconnected

I often make Pi's for others - pre-configuring them for WiFi in someone else's home is a pain in the drain

Simply a bookmark collection at this point ...