Pi In The Sky

Simply a work area and/or catch-all for miscellaneous Raspberry Pi tips, tricks, tools, tweaks, research or harebrainers - most-likely a mess, but possibly useful to others. Initially weeding through remaining Raspberry Pi info @ ventures.tpedersen.net/errata/raspberrypi to salvage potentially useful info.

RPi Research & Tools

  • GPIO Breadboard Worksheet - Created to document some of my projects. Breadboard contention!

  • Random, but occasionally useful RPi Links and Resources

Chronic Works-In-Process

Harebrainers (potential recipes)


Simply a bookmark collection at this point ...

Stuff to Research

Simply a bookmark collection at this point ...


Commands/Stuff I should know how to do, but often forget

  • Check Installed packages

    • Find a specific package via apt-cache search <package>

    • List of ALL installed packages (pipe to grep or page thru) via dpkg -l