Updated @ month-end for a while ... new google sites doesn't seem to allow publishing a single page - it's an all or nothing sort of a thing!
As always, this site is a work-in-process and may be a mess.

This site will be used to chronicle significant tech activities and as a new home for some of the projects of the past decade from Ventures.TPedersen.net. Most of the tech recipes and reference materials are mainly for my use - for builds/rebuilds or to simply retrace steps - but may be of interest to others.

Content on Tech Hobbies will be a slow migration/port of select tech projects notes from the TPedersen Ventures site. The plan is to cleanup/salvage information that is worth saving and move to this site before Google pulls the rug out from under users of its 'Classic' sites. Not an easy task using the featureless 'New' Google Sites. We'll see how this works!

For Starters:

  1. Raspberry Pi single board computer fumblings, projects, recipes and research collection

  2. Some Tech Tinkering that may come in handy

  3. More to come ...