This site is a work-in-process and may be a mess ... IT is what IT is

The site is used to chronicle significant tech activities and as a new home for some of the projects of the past decade from Ventures.TPedersen.net. Most of the tech recipes and reference materials are mainly for my use - for builds/rebuilds or to simply retrace steps - but may be of interest to others.

Content on Tech Hobbies will be a slow migration/port of select tech projects notes from the TPedersen Ventures site. The plan is to cleanup/salvage information that is worth saving and move to this site before Google shuts down 'Classic' sites. Not an easy task, we'll see how this works!

For Starters:

  1. Raspberry Pi single board computer fumblings, projects, recipes and research collection

  2. Some Tech Tinkering that may come in handy

  3. <More to come?>